Bio Weed Herbicide

Product Description

BioWeed™ Herbicide is a new generation, wholly plant derived, knockdown and pre-emergent herbicide.

Mode of Action

  • Knockdown Herbicide, Pre-emergent Herbicide

Certified Organic

  • Yes

Bio Weed Control - Product Uses Table

BioWeed™ Herbicide is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation.

BioWeed™ Herbicide offers a proven solution for sustainable weed control, providing long term, environmental and economic benefits.

Made entirely from plant sources BioWeed™ Herbicide offers a host of user benefits.

Sustainable Use

  • Replace your synthetic knockdown herbicides with BioWeed™ Herbicide – a plant derived
    herbicide. BioWeed™ Herbicide is compatible (and synergistic) with a range of other herbicides.

Organic Use

  • BioWeed™ Herbicide is a certified organic input which can be adopted for year round weed
Key Features and Benefits

Highly Effective Knockdown Herbicide

BioWeed™ Herbicide is an ideal replacement for harsh petrochemical knockdown herbicides:

  • very fast action, highly effective
  • controls over 3000 weed species
  • controls glyphosate tolerant and resistant weeds
  • significantly enhances the efficacy of a range of other herbicides.
  • utilizes existing spray equipment

Pre-emergent Herbicide

BioWeed™ Herbicide has a unique pre-emergent activity which kills weed seed in the soil. This reduces emerging weed pressure and can save up to 50% of your normal spray requirements.

  • kills under soil weed seed bank with no harm to roots or soil microbia
  • reduces the number of sprays needed per year by up to 50%
  • reduces time, labor and equipment/fuel input costs
  • kills seeds in set weeds heads on the plant
  • kills seeds by immediate desiccation not by residual chemical action
  • allows weed and biohazard eradication instead of control

Crop Safety

BioWeed™ Herbicide has NO systemic action. This offers users the highest level of crop safety. It works by dissolving the waxy outer coating and collapsing the cell walls of contacted plant and seed tissue.

If contact with a desirable plant or crop surface occurs (via overspray) then only localized spot damage can result. As a certified organic product made entirely from plant sources BioWeed™ Herbicide has NO withholding period for crops or stock.

  • non systemic – can be used in delicate areas and right throughout crop cycle
  • non toxic – zero withholding period on food crops
  • removes the risk of a positive residue test from produce supplied for export
  • increases sustainability rating
  • has NO withholding period on food crops
  • has NO withholding period for pets and livestock
  • is a certified organic input for organic farms

Environmental Safety

As a product made entirely from plant extracts, BioWeed™ Herbicide will immediately improve your weed control programs environmental impact. Replacing petrochemical herbicides will immediately begin to improve your soil health and alleviate soil residue concerns.

  • does not harm soil microbia
  • has no effect on birds, bees and earthworm populations
  • has zero soil residue (dissolves into a naturally occurring oxide in 72 hours)
  • is pH neutral on application
  • is a carbon positive product (you are putting long chain carbons back into the soil)

Operator Safety

BioWeed™ Herbicide offers a new level of operator safety. As a wholly plant derived product it answers many concerns held by authorities and operators alike on the effects of exposure to synthetic chemical poisons:

  • certified organic
  • made entirely from plant extracts
  • reduces the occupational safety concerns for applicators
  • reduces the public health concerns for public areas
  • is not a synthetic chemical poison
  • has a nil re-entry period


Whether used to increase sustainability or as a certified organic input, BioWeed™ Herbicide is ideal for any grower wishing to respond or market to the growing consumer niche concerned with food safety issues or to avoid export barriers based on crop residues.


BioWeed™ Herbicide combines a knockdown or contact weed control action with a unique non residual ability to destroy weed seeds in the soil and even in set weed heads on mature plants.

BioWeed™ Herbicide is not a systemic chemical poison, where (to effect control), poison is taken in through the cell walls. Instead BioWeed™ Herbicide works by desiccation of the cell walls of all contacted plant and seed tissue. On contacting living plant or seed tissue it quickly penetrates and disrupts normal membrane permeability and cellular physiology. This causes cell leakage, desiccation and the collapse of all contacted tissue.

Sprayed weed leaf tissue becomes dehydrated, creating a quick, visual browning effect within 1 to 12 hours of application. The roots of the plant are not directly affected, but indirect rhizome and bulb control occurs by regular applications to emerging weed parts.

As it is NOT a systemic poison it cannot travel into any other plants or areas that are not directly sprayed. Systemic species eradication cannot occur. If you do overspray or spray drift occurs you will only spot mark the accidentally sprayed areas. It will not kill the (accidentally sprayed) plant and cannot travel to adjoining plants.

BioWeed™ Herbicide is a new generation, truly sustainable weed management product.

Welcome to Certified Organics

Certified Organics – BioWeed™ Herbicide is a proven knockdown and pre-emergent herbicide in a diverse range of agricultural, horticulture and municipal environments.


The product controls over 3000 weed species, including many synthetic herbicide resistant plants. It also has a unique ability to destroy targeted weed seed in the soil, thereby reducing emerging weed pressure and offering the ability to truly eradicate bio hazard weed infestations.


BioWeed™ Herbicide is an ideal replacement for synthetic knockdown herbicides offering greatly increased crop and applicator safety.


Its unique plant derived formulation means it is an ideal input for Certified Organic growers and for use anywhere where synthetic petrochemical based herbicides are undesirable.

Agriculture and Livestock

Spot spraying in pasture – BioWeed™ Herbicide is also an ideal solution for broadleaf infestations in pasture or synthetic chemical resistant weeds in broad-acre cropping.

It is also extensively used for spot control of blackberry, gorse, ragwort, patterson’s curse, thistles and other invasive weed species in dairy pasture.

Selective broad acre spraying – BioWeed™ Herbicide eradicates a wide variety of weeds that are resistant to synthetic herbicides. The use of Weedseeker™ technology means BioWeed™ Herbicide can be used to cost effectively control these in a broad acre setting.

Safety around valuable animals – As BioWeed™ Herbicide is made from plants and works by direct contact (dehydration) rather than by poisoning, it is the weed control product of choice for many livestock and lifestyle owners concerned about synthetic systemic chemical use around valuable livestock.

Noxious plant control – BioWeed™ Herbicide suppresses or eliminates a wide variety of noxious weeds (such as Gorse and Blackberry).

Direct drill – BioWeed™ Herbicides provides an ideal tool for organic farmers using direct drill planting. It has no known weed resistance.


BioWeed™ Herbicide is ideal for use in viticulture, horticulture and any intensive agricultural growing environment such as:

  • Orchards and Vineyards
  • Vegetable Cropping
  • Cane and Berry Fruit
  • Nurseries
  • Cut Flower Industry
  • Pre plant preparation – Use BioWeed™ Herbicide in stale weed beds for pre-emergent control

It’s Certified Organic status, tolerance for chemically sensitive constituents and truly non residual nature means that BioWeed™ Herbicide is an ideal control method for use around a wide variety of public and municipal environments including:

  • Schools
  • Urban Spraying – streets and roads
  • Botanical Gardens, Parks and public reserves
  • National Parks and Water Catchments
  • Waterways, Drains and Aquatic Weeds
  • Native Plantings
  • Golf Courses and recreational facilities
  • Around Family and Pets
  • On property boundaries where spray drift can affect neighbours
Bio Hazard Weed Control

Please see – BioSeed™ Eradicator

BioWeed™ Herbicide also eliminates a wide variety of weed seeds in and on the soil.

One of the primary evolutionary and survival mechanisms of Bio Hazard weeds is their ability to quickly generate a massive reproductive seed bank into the surrounding soil. Conventional spray programs can never hope to do more than suppress or remove the adult plant. BioWeed™ Herbicide offers the opportunity to eradicate the infestation completely.