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Chemically sensitive people suffer no ill effects from BioWeed™ Herbicide (formerly Organic Interceptor™)

“This is an open letter for the makers of BioWeed™ Herbicide confirming the successful trialing and safe use of their product by the Waiheke Island Community Awareness of Pesticides (CAP), and Waiheke ME, Multiple Chemical Sensitive, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Group.

This is to state that all of the 11 people present, (see details below) five considered themselves to be severely chemically sensitive. Not one of those five people, or any of the others involved in the trials displayed any effects -ill or otherwise- at the time of spraying. There was no later chemical impact either, which given the nature of such people around the spray site is quite remarkable. After being given the assurance by the makers of the product being tested that all the ingredients were organic, I decided to stay close to the operation while in progress, and can report that as a MCS person I also experienced no ill effects from the spraying.

Not only was there no effect on the humans present, but on investigation, there was also no adverse impact whatsoever on any insect or other life other than what was actually sprayed. Flowers and vegetables were growing adjacent to the weeds being sprayed. I looked at the sprayed sites daily for wilt or control of anything other than the targeted weeds. I could find none after three weeks. While each of the operations (three) was in progress, there was no sign of any spray mist onto non-target species. All present were impressed at the quick (within minutes) “brown off” of the sprayed weeds and the recorded “control” of many common varieties of weeds.”

Pat Duncan-Taylor – Secretary, Waiheke Community Awareness of Pesticides and Waiheke ME CFS MCS Groups

Major Horticultural Organisation endorses Organic Interceptor™’

“Pyne Gould Guinness have been selling BioWeed™ Herbicide (Organic Interceptor) now for over a year and have found the product to fit perfectly into a market which requires a more organic approach to weed control. It also has a fit in IWP (integrated wine production) and IFP (integrated fruit production).

BioWeed™ Herbicide has a huge potential in an industry where products of this nature are rare.”

Peter Mortimer – Manager Horticultural Services, Pyne Gould Guinness Ltd.

Organic Interceptor unreserved success on small holding

BioWeed™ Herbicide has been applied to weeds growing on our property over the last six months. We used the product to treat kikuyu, couch, plantain, dandelion, marsh weed, ragwort, paspalum, dock and some young gorse. Within hours of spraying, the plants were changing colour and died shortly after. More spraying was done on mature gorse which died over three or four days, and even now is still brown. I have not noticed regrowth on the gorse, and the other plants’ regrowth is no faster than that which is sprayed with chemicals. Most plants have died completely… I would highly recommend your product to anyone in need of an effective spot sprayer.”

Mr. R. Bradley – Tiki Rd, RD1, Coromandel

Innovation wins out over tradition on long term family farm

“Our family is second generation dairy farmers and I, personally have spent 46 years farming. We have always used herbicides to control buttercup, thistle, ragwort and blackberry. We sometimes aerial sprayed to control pussy willow, and mostly used 24D. We have since used Network and Escort. About 15 years ago we became aware of the dangers in using chemicals; I now get headaches if I breathe in chemical spray. You demonstrated the Organic Interceptor product to me and I could see the results almost straight away. It stuck to the plants and when we came back about one hour later the plants were dark in colour and wilting. They looked dead and, more importantly, the spray did not give me a headache. The following day all the plants had either disintegrated or fallen over. I would definitely have used the BioWeed™ Herbicide if it had been available instead of chemicals. The most important thing is the health of the farm workers and animals and consideration for your neighbors… I believe in your product and think it will be a relief for everyone. The environment will be much better off for it.”

Lloyd Parker – Tangaroa, Whangamata.

Schoolyard application pleases the groundsman – and the staff

“When I started using BioWeed™ Herbicide spray around school buildings I immediately started getting positive comments from staff and pupils… the staff actually come out and talk now, while I am spraying, whereas before using other products for spot spraying, all doors and windows had to be closed. I have a program of spot spraying every two weeks in the gardens, walkways and around buildings and find the spray very effective and safe. We have a problem with milky vine and spraying the young plants has been very successful. I will continue to use BioWeed™ Herbicide around the school with the blessing of principal and staff.”

Harley Dix – Groundsman, Thames High School