Environmental Impact

Certified Organics products are developed from natural pine and plant extracts with the specific aim of being safer for people and sustainable for the environment.

Field and laboratory trials have shown that not only are Certified Organic products safe for earthworms, they actually continue to thrive after the product has been applied.

Beneficial Insects
Insects and bacteria such as bees and predator mites that come into contact with Certified Organic products after spraying will not be adversely affected.

Even if spilt, Certified Organic products will biodegrade rapidly, with the most concentrated form of the product being dissolved within a few days.

Soil Residues
Certified Organic products leave no harmful residues in the soil and quickly break down to form a naturally occurring oxide. Unlike systemic herbicides there is no salt build up in the soil.

Certified Organics products are specifically formulated to be alkaline in concentrated form and pH neutral at application. For this reason they do not affect soil pH.

Spray Drift
If there is spray drift, the contact area will only be ‘spot’ affected: systemic species eradication common to systemic herbicides can not occur.

Certified Organic products have a distinctive pine odour which dissipates rapidly after use.

Chemical Sensitivity
People known to be chemically sensitive have shown no adverse reactions to Certified Organic Products. See the Testimonials page for independent assessments and endorsements of the product.

Further Information
For further information on the make-up and use of Certified Organic products, please refer to the Application Details or MSDS (technical) page relevant to each product.

Please tell us your experience
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