Case Studies

Please select a case study of interest below. These are in PDF format and can either be opened on screen or downloaded onto your computer.

Please Note: the case studies offered are only a small percentage of the applications in which our products are applicable.

These case studies simply represent those areas where we have extensive field data and useful experience to pass on.

You may (in many cases) find a case study that is similar but not necessarily identical to your needs or intended application.

The case studies include specialist application and equipment instructions for that market niche.

If you would like to use one of our products in an application not listed below, or cannot access the case study of your choice please contact us

Sustainable weed control in Viticulture
Various Vineyards
Australia & NZ
Urban Weed Control
Environmentally conscious urban weed control
Dunedin City Council
South Island, New Zealand
Broadleaf in Pasture
Removing broadleaf from pasture or grass
Paterson’s Curse
Victoria and South Australia
Glasshouse & Poly Tunnel Use
Faster and cheaper than hand weeding

Victoria and South Australia

Nursery Weed Control
Sustainable weed control for potted and inground nursery plants
Various Nurseries,
Victoria Australia
Bio Security
Eradication of Bio Hazard weeds by targeting the weed seed in the soil
Branch Broom Rape eradication program
Murray Bridge, South Australia